Are you ready to stop simply surviving and learn to thrive? Here are some resources that will help you go from frazzled to phenomenal.


Practical and easy to implement actions you can take right away to go from feeling frazzled to phenomenal! Go from just trying to survive to living a wholehearted life where you truly THRIVE.
That's exactly what you'll get in the Balanced + Wholehearted Living Workshop.  In just six weeks you can transform your life and start living in alignment with God's heart and purpose for you!


What would it take for you to make a change? Are you ready to start healing your relationship with your body? Let's start caring for our bodies as the temple where God's spirit dwells WITH us. My body belongs to God and I will not blame it, shame it, ignore it, neglect it, or obsess over it.  

Are you in?

I'd love to walk alongside you this fall.  The next session starts August 20th.

  • Local/In Person Weekly Meetup (Tuesdays at 7:30pm in Keller, TX) for accountability and fun.   -OR-

  • ONLINE Weekly Virtual Meetup (via VOXER.  It's easy, fun, and free. I'll teach you how!) for accountability and fun.



Come away June 9-13th at the Revelation Wellness Rest + Rebuild Retreat in Colorado. Renew your strength and rebuild your life from the inside-out — in a sustainable and transformational way. In the ways of Jesus.

I'll be leading a workshop, a painting class (Fun!) and more. I'd love to connect with you there!



I don't know about you, but I am D-O-N-E being overwhelmed and weary.  I'm going to teach you everything I've learned about turning my life around from burned out and exhausted to thriving.
Each episode, you'll get practical and easy to implement SIMPLE STEPS to THRIVE.
Are you ready to take your life back?
Are you ready to overcome?
Let's get started. One simple step at a time.


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