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I'm on a mission to make moving my body FUN again.

What if exercise doesn't have to feel like punishment, torture, or a chore? What if we stop trying to beat our bodies into submission? 

Let's start celebrating our ability to breathe and move and be alive.

Here's my plan:

What if we make it fun again? What if we go back and remember what it was like to be a kid just playing a game for the JOY of it? A time when dance lessons or gymnastics was a GET TO not a HAVE TO.

What if we stop trying to push ourselves to keep up with someone else's fitness and instead create opportunities to care for our own bodies in gentle and fun ways. No fitness trackers. No calorie counting. No shame, no guilt, no blame.

I'm on a mission to make moving my body fun again. 
To LOVE GOD, get HEALTHY, be WHOLE, and LOVE OTHERS. Are you in?

Join the movement: