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Painted with Beeswax & Blowtorch

I personally THRIVE when I create works of art which reflect the beauty, peace, and simplicity of God's creation.




I am artist, teacher, and encourager based in Dallas/Fort Worth.

I create works of art which reflect the beauty, peace, and simplicity of God's creation.

I paint with beeswax and a blowtorch. The process, called encaustic painting, is thousands of years old. I use a mixture of beeswax and a tree sap called damar. The damar resin hardens and gives the wax durability. I melt this mixture and combine it with pigments to create the paint I use in my artwork.

I apply molten wax to a wood panel "canvas" in layers. Each layer is fused to the layer below with heat from a blowtorch. The layers of wax give each piece a unique translucent quality and beautiful texture.

My work is on display in private collections across the United States as well as various exhibitions throughout the year.

For a list of current and upcoming shows, click here.

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For custom commission inquiries, reach me here.

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Want to collaborate with me and commission a custom piece of art?

I'd love to work one on one with you.  

For any inquiries and commission requests please use the form below to briefly describe what you have in mind for a commission.  Include the size, style, or anything else you want in the piece.  

I'll be in touch with you to discuss the details.  Commissions are final sale and typically take 6 to 8 weeks to complete.


P. O. Box 2245 Keller, Tx 76244


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